Il sito italiano sulla storia antica e moderna delle isole dell'Egeo   


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 1945-1947  1947


Egeo 1943-1945, gli anni dell'occupazione germanica.


8 settembre 1943 a Rodi  

Panzer IV intorno le mura di Rodi 


The armistice of the 8 september 1943 picked the impreparate Italian Armed Forces. In spite of the numerical superiority, they were defeats after several combats that often saw attacking German badly left. The defeat was caused from the errors of the Armed forces high command of the Aegean, from the irresolutezza of the Governor Champions and from psychological factors of allied former subordination to the German. The Italian resistance will continue to Coo and Lero where the last 6 German onslaught November will sweep up the Italian resistance anglo. Valoroso Mascherpa admiral, commander of the fort, will be imprisoned and condemned a.morte, with to Champions, after a vergognoso process put in feet from a fascist court in May 1944.
The definitive conquest of Leros and the other surrounding islands consolidated the German dominion, until to May 1945. It begins for the Dodecaneso the darker period, the pitiless regimen of terror established from gen.Wagener the successor of Kleeman, the hunger, the strafings, the deportation of the Hebrew community transformed the "pearl of the Mediterranean" in a gigantic one lager to the open. The history of those years in the only up to now published search in Italy of prof.Luca the Pignataro.


Gli anni oscuri

1944, adorned on the Balbo public square for the birthday of Hitler. The official who ago the nazi salute in Association of Bologna is Otto Wagener. He was condemned like criminal of war in the 1948 from the Court of Rome but he discounted only  two years of jail.



Gen.Fredrich Whilhelm Muller head of 22.o  Whermacht Infantry, here shown of flank with the dark coat, was the craftsman of the German conquest of Kos and Leros but also the executioner of 118 unarmed Italian officials. Fredrich Whilhelm Muller, was condemned like executed criminal of war and to Atene in 1947. He was responsible of the massacre of 12 Italian officials to Leros and others 103 to Coo, in both cases was be a matter of unarmed prisoners.



              Crimini e criminali


A secret agreement between Italy and German federal Repubblica on the war criminals allowed the liberation of the so-called "group of Rodi", the nucleus more numerous than criminal nazis delivered to the Italian justice from Allies



The general Otto Wagener, commander of the German troops on the island of Rodi, captain Helmut Meeske, greater the Johann Koch and Herbert Nicklas, the medical official Christian Korsukewitz, the lieutenant Paul Walter Never, the second lieutenant Willy Hansky, the corporal Johann Felten, interpreter Georg Dallago was proceeded the Military Court to you of Rome for numerous crimes store clerks in the island of Rodi. In spite of the inflicted sentences they were freed in secret between 1950 and 1951. Eight Wagener, nazi of the first hour and friend of Hitler, morirà in its bed in 1971 like free citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany. In this article, fruit of taken care of searches, the historian and investigator prof. Filippo Focardi, reveals which political interests, connivenze and complicities embezzled these criminals to the justice. This vicissitude closely is tied to that one of the "CLOSET Of the SHAME" about which it is spoken in the following pages



ON CRIMES NAZIFASCISTI IN ITALY WE SIGNAL  Registro dei crimini di guerra nazifascisti rinvenuto nel maggio 1994 presso la sede della Procura Generale Militare di Roma, digitalizzato nel maggio 2001 dal gruppo di ricerca pisano “Guerra ai civili. Per un atlante delle stragi naziste in Toscana”.


Resistenza  a Rodi  

After the yield of the 11 september 1943 many Italian soldiers gave themselves to the spot in the island of Rodi in order to lead one fight without hope....



The forgotten heroes of Rodhes   


 Gennaro Tescione 


Salvatore Rubini
I quattro di Calavarda   
Gennaro Tescione  M.O.V.M. (nella foto a fianco)  
Venturini il capitano "pazzo" 
I caduti del Fileremo
s. Ten. Oreste Siclari
Ten. Luigi Viviani
2 .o Capo di Marina (maresciallo) Pietro Carboni 



Photo of the military prison of Cattavia used from the nazis as lager with to the House of the Pines many victims of the violences and the hunger were the Italian soldiers.



L'amministrazione italiana dopo la resa tedesca

After the German yield the islands of the Dodecaneso passed formally under the British administration that continued to take advantage itself of that Italian, Italy still conserved for all those that period the sovereignty until to the definitive passage to Greece.


La Fame in Grecia 


The thesis of bachelor of Silvia June on the Sede Saint and the problem of the hunger in Greece during the Second World war. Academic year 1999-2000, University La Sapienza, Rome.



Le prime tre foto dall'alto sono liberamente tratte dal libro "Kampf und die Aegeais" di Peter Schenck.   

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